Installation of your gates



We are able to offer an installation service to customers within a ten mile radius of Eastbourne, East Sussex. We have teamed up with a trusted subcontractor who is able to install any of our products.

His standard prices are detailed below:


Garden Gates (3ft, 1m or 4ft high) price 
Gate only, no posts £80.00
Gate and one bolt down post/ face mounted post £130.00
Gate and two bolt down posts/ face mounted posts £165.00


 Side Gates (5ft or 6ft high)  price
 Gate only, no posts  £100.00
 Gate and one bolt down post/ face mounted post  £165.00
 Gate and two bolt down posts/ face mounted posts  £200.00


 Driveway Gates (3ft, 1m or 4ft high)  price
 Gates only, no posts  £190.00
 Gates and two bolt down posts/ face mounted posts  £300.00


 Estate Gates (5ft or 6ft high)  price
 Gates only, no posts  £220.00
 Gates and two bolt down posts/ face mounted posts  £350.00


Our sub-contractor is able to provide an installation service for our concreted in posts. Please contact us for a price, please include a photo of the area where the gate(s) are to be installed.

We are also able to offer installation of our railings, again please contact us with a photo of the area where the railings are to be installed for us to give you a price.

Please note that you cannot order our installation service online, you can however add it to the additional information box and someone will call you to arrange the installation. Please note that you will need to pay our sub-contractor directly.

Please note that it is up to you, the consumer to ensure that any brick pillars you intend to hang a gate or railing on are in good repair and strong enough to take the weight. If you wish to know the approximate weight of a gate or railing, please contact us and we will be more than happy to provide this to you. Whilst a photo can help us to advise you regarding any obstructions that may cause a problem with installing a gate or railing, it is not the same as visiting a site and therefore any advise given is only partial advise, based on the information that you have given us. If you are at all unsure about whether your property or site is suitable for one of our gates or railings, we suggest that you ask a local builder to take a look prior to placing your order.

General Installation Information

All of our gates and railings can be installed by someone competent at installation or a builder. Below is some information that may be helpful if you plan on installing your product yourself:


If you opt for bolt down posts, these come with a plate welded to the bottom, with four pre-drilled holes in the corners. No bolts are supplied as every application is different. A hardware store can advise as to the best fixings for your application.

We advise that all concrete in posts for double gates should have a cubic metre of concrete around them. All single gates should have a 70cm cube around them. For railing posts we advise that you put in at least 70cm cubed of concrete.

All gate posts come with a pre-drilled hole at the top,allowing them to be secured to a wall or pillar etc, for extra stability.

All our posts allow for a 50mm ground clearance once the gate or railing has been hung.



All our gates are supplied with free adjustable hinges, which comprise of a hinge pin attached to a mounting plate with pre-drilled holes, if no posts are ordered, or in the alternative attached to the post(s). Eye bolts are then supplied to attach the gate to the hinge pin. We advise that you install the top pin inverted (upside down). This makes it alot harder for the gates to be lifted off and removed.



All our railings can be provided attached to the posts or with the posts seperate from the railings. Where the railing is not attached to the post, there is a lug attached to the post with a slotted hole, which will allow a little adjustment when installing.

Should you require any additional information or have any questions about installing any of our products, please give us a call and we will be only too happy to help.
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