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We offer an extensive range of Asher railings. Below you will find their specifications, a price list is available to download towards the bottom of the page.
As all our railings are made to your width measurement and often involve specific placement of posts and layouts, an order cannot be placed online.
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Outer frame - 40mm x 10mm flat bar 
Verticals - 16mm round bars
Scrolls - 120mm x 60mm
Arrow heads - 120mm x 70mm 
All heights specified are the height once hung, allowing for a 5cm ground clearance.
Asher railings are available in the following heights: 40cm, 2ft, 3ft, 1m, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft.
We suggest that an intermediary post is placed every 1.5 - 2m of railing.
All our metal railing posts can be supplied as intermediary posts, or as end posts, to sit at the end of a run of metal railing. Alternatively they can also be supplied as corner posts, allowing two sections of steel railing to sit at a 90 degree angle.
All our railing posts are made from 60mm x 60mm x 2mm. They have a post cap welded to the top, therefore the post with cap will sit approximately 30mm above the top of the railings.
You can choose between posts that bolt down onto a suitable surface or below ground railing posts that need to be concreted in.
Bare metal - This means that your metal garden railings will arrive with no coatings applied. We recommend that you coat it immediately. There are a variety of paints available from local hardware stores. 
Galvanizing and powder coating - powder coating is a durable finishing method for metals using a dry, powdered plastic that is heat-fused onto the surface. Galvanizing provides the best protection against rust on the market. Your metal railings will be dipped into hot zinc, so that it penetrates the whole railing. This is the most expensive option and galvanizing leaves the metal railings with a rougher feel. Over time you may also find that the galvanizing begins to seep through the powder coating ( a silver grey colour), at this point some people choose to paint their garden metal railings.
Please note however that rust is a natural effect on iron and any paints or coatings are only designed to slow down the process of rust, it is impossible to eliminate it forever. Therefore we do not offer any guarantee against rust, but if rust protection is very important to you, we would recommend that you opt for galvanizing.
Here is our current price list.
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Measuring for the height of your metal garden railings

We offer a range of different heights accross our ranges. Simply choose the height that will best suit your property. Below are a few useful points to help you choose.

We allow a 5cm ground clearance for all heights of metal railings. Therefore when the metal railing is delivered it will be 5cm shorter than the listed height, but once installed will be the correct height.

Most people prefer for their metal railing fencing to not rise above the top of any capstone.

Measuring for the width of your metal railings

It is very important that you take accurate measurements of your metal railing opening.

If your metal railing is going to be one straight run, then simply measure the whole length of the run. If it is to sit between two pillars then please provide the measurement from the inside of one pillar to the inside of the other. You will also need to decide how many posts to have (if any). We suggest that you have a post every two metres to maintain the rigidity of the metal railing. 

Please note that all we require is the length of the opening within which you wish the posts and railings to fit within, we will do all the necessary calculations for you and will evenly space the posts out along the run for you.

If you wish to have a corner post and therefore two runs of railings at a 90 degree angle, please treat them as two seperate runs of railings (including the corner post in the measurement for both)

You would therefore need to measure from one end to the outside edge of the corner post for both runs and decide how many additional posts you would like in each run. 

If you are unsure in anyway about how to measure for your metal railings, then please contact us for assistance
Unfortunately we are unable to provide an installation service outside of the town we are based in (Eastbourne). However all our metal railings can be installed by a competent builder or landscape gardener.
All our steel railings, if not supplied with end posts, come with adjustable brackets to attach the railing to a wall etc. All bolt down posts come with a foot plate with four pre-drilled holes to allow them to be bolted to the surface.
Delivery is free to mainland UK on all metal railing orders. Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery (we are normally quicker), if you require it for a specific date, please call us before placing an order. If you would like international delivery, please contact us for a price. Once we are ready to dispatch your railings we will contact you to ask for your prefered day of delivery (Monday - Friday).
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