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Simple and robust. This a very versatile gate and railing design that conveys an ageless elegance. Unsurprisingly this is one of our most popular designs, offering amazing value for money without compromising on quality.

The Joash Gate and Railing Collection is available in:

3ft, 1m and 4ft high wrought iron garden gates
5ft and 6ft high wrought iron side gates
3ft, 1m and 4ft high wrought iron double gates
5ft and 6ft high wrought iron estate gates
Various heights of wrought iron railings

All the wrought iron gates are available with either an arch top or flat top
Measuring for your wrought iron gate or wrought iron railings

We offer a range of different heights accross our ranges. Simply choose the height that will best suit your property.

We allow a 5cm ground clearance for all heights of wrought iron gates and railings. Therefore when the wrought iron gate is delivered it will be 5cm shorter than the listed height, but once hung will be the correct height.

It is very important that you take accurate measurements of your gate or railing opening.

Measure the gap between the wall/brick pillar/posts at the top and bottom as detailed below. Make sure you measure from inside of one wall/brick pillar/post to the inside of the other.

Please do not measure an old wrought iron gate if you are buying a replacement. We calculate the gate size needed and take into account the hinges and latch for you. The prices and sizes quoted throughout the website are for the gap between the wrought iron gate posts.

Please provide your measurements to us in both millimetres and inches to minimise the chance of error.

Wrought iron railings are available in any length you desire, however we suggest that you opt for a post every two metres to provide rigidity to the length of wrought iron railing.

Please click for more detailed information on measuring for your wrought iron gates or railings

Finishes available for your wrought iron gates

No coating - This means that your wrought iron entrance gate and/or wrought iron garden railings will arrive as the bare metal. We recommend that you coat it immediately. There are a variety of paints available from local hardware stores. This is the cheapest of the three, but requires the most ongoing maintenance.
Zinc spray and powder coating - powder coating is a durable finishing method for metals using a dry, powdered plastic that is heat-fused onto the surface. The zinc spray provides some protection against rust. This provides the smoothest finish of the three, however its rust protection is not as good as opting for galvanized wrought iron gates.
Galvanizing and powder coating - powder coating is a durable finishing method for metals using a dry, powdered plastic that is heat-fused onto the surface. Galvanizing provides the best protection against rust on the market. Your wrought iron gates and railings will be dipped into hot zinc, so that it penetrates the whole gate or railing. This is the most expensive option and galvanizing leaves the wrought iron gates and railings with a rougher feel. Over time you may also find that the galvanizing begins to seep through the powder coating ( a silver grey colour), at this point some people choose to paint there wrought iron gates and railings.

Please note however that rust is a natural effect on iron and any paints or coatings are only designed to slow down the process of rust, it is impossible to eliminate it forever. Therefore we do not offer any guarantee against rust, but if rust protection is very important to you, we would recommend that you opt for galvanizing.

Delivery of your wrought iron gates and railings

Typically you should allow up to 4 weeks for delivery of your wrought iron railings an gates. This can rise to 6 weeks at peak times, but is very often quicker. We ask that you do not book in contractors to install your wought iron gates and railings until you have a confirmed delivery date.

10 year guarantee on all wrought iron gates and wrought iron railings

Details of what is and what is not covered by this can be found here. The short of it is, we build our wrought iron gates to last a lifetime, we use quality materials and check every gate and railing before it leaves us.

Information on posts for metal gates

We reccommend that you order wrought iron gate posts in the following circumstances:

  • You are ordering wrought iron double gates and your brick pillars do not have reinforcement bar running through them into the ground
  • Your brick pillars are in a bad state of repair
  • The surface you had wished to attach your wrought iron gates to could be pulled over by the weight of the wrought iron gates (we only supply wrought iron gates made from solid steel and our gates are therefore fairly weighty) or someone swinging on the gates!

Wrought iron post specifications can be found here

Do I need wrought iron railing posts?

We reccommend that you have an intermediary wrought iron railing post every 1.5 - 2m of railing, this is to ensure that your wrought iron railings remain rigid. Therefore if you were to order 4m of wrought iron railings we would suggest that you order one intermediary post to sit half way along the length of railing.

You may also wish to purchase end posts, these work in a similar way to garden gate posts. If you do not have a suitable surface, for example, a brick wall to attach your wrought iron railing to then you will need to order a wrought iron end post.

Thirdly you may need to order a wrought iron corner post if you wish your railings to make a 90 degree turn. Please note that we are unable to provide wrought iron railing posts that turn railings at any other angles.

Whether you are after wrought iron entrance gates, wrought iron drive gates, metal drive gates, wrought iron side gates, wrought iron double gates, wrought iron single gates, double iron gates, driveway entrance gates or wrought iron garden railings we are sure that you can find a gate to meet your requirements. Should you require a width that is not quoted on the site, please contact us for a price as we able to make any width required.