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Wrought Iron Garden Railings - Metal Garden Railings

All our wrought iron railings come in any width that you require. We offer free nationwide delivery. You can find all the information you require on measuring for your wrought iron railings and installing your metal garden railings on this site.

Our metal railings are available in heights of 40cm, 2ft, 3ft, 1m, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft and are made to fit your width measurements.The height relates to the finished height once the railing has been installed and allows for a 50mm ground clearance.

We suggest that you order metal railing posts every 1.5 - 2m of railing in order to maintain the rigidity of the railings. Please see our page on wrought iron railing posts for more information.

For the ease of transport and installation your railings will arrive in sections that bolt together.

You may find it useful to glance at our page on metal railing finishes before placing an order.