Automation ready wrought iron gates

We know that many people these days are looking to have a pair of automated wrought iron gates. Often this is quite expensive, having to employ a specialist to fabricate besoke gates and automate them for you.

We at Blackbourne Iron have come up with a more affordable option, whilst still providing a quality robust pair of wrought iron gates.

We supply automation ready wrought iron gates! They are designed so that the automation kit will fit easily to them.

Available for on the gate operators as well as below ground operators. Please note that these gates cannot be ordered online currently as it is important to us that we fully understand your requirements before accepting an order.



All the gates have an uprated frame from our standard gate range, including one leaf having an angle closing style to prevent cross over when they close.

The hanging styles and bottom cross bar will be uprated to 40mm x 40mm x 5mm square hollow section. One closing style will be 45mm x 45mm x 5mm angle strip, whilst the other will remain a 40mm x 10mm flat bar.

Clamp hinges to minimise pinch points and help you comply with the regulations surrounding automated gates

A mounting plate on the mid cross bar of each gate leaf, so that the on the gate operator bracket can be either bolted or welded on in the correct position for your application.

As always, all our wrought iron gates are made to your width measurement, ensuring that you will always have a pair of gates that fit.



There are plenty of mobile automation specialists accross the country that can supply and fit an automation kit to our gates, they may even install the gates for you to!

You should note that there is now legislation in place regarding the installation of automated gates. The Door and Hardware Federation have produced an excellent guide on the matter Guide to gate safety legislation and standards. Whilst we manufacture the gates so that they are capable of complying to the regulations, you should note that it is up to the person installing the gates and automation to ensure that the finished automated gates comply with the regulations. If you are at all unsure, we suggest that you contact a professional installer.

A list of Gate Safe Aware installers can be found on there website.